I Am Ready…

I am yearning for something else.

I have no real words for what is going on inside of me, no direction, no path, no vision, no clue.. I just know that I am in need of a major shift.

I am tired of doing things just to get through and survive. I am tired of stressing. I am tired of controlling everything going on in an effort to avoid saying or making any mistakes. I am tired of being unintentionally insulted in mistaken and selfish encouragement.

I am ready for something else. I don’t really care what it is, I just need a dramatic change.

I am tired of my work and efforts not really being for the benefit of anyone else.

I am ready for challenge and motivation. I am ready for passion and compassion to enter my world again.

I am ready for my Savior to do what He does, to change, restore, make new, and move me.

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