Take it Easy…

Why is it that living, reacting, and genuinely being authentic is so foreign to most people?.. Especially Christians?

I do know that it gets tiring hearing people tell me to “take it easy..” or “you’re too blunt and straight forward…”

I have yet to figure out why telling someone the truth is something that is not commonplace anymore, and why honesty is something others think should not be said out-loud.

Why would I avoid confrontation, skirt the question, or worse flat out lie to those I care about instead of telling you the truth?
Why is mincing words seen as the better more appropriate way to handle loved ones?

Now, do not misunderstand me… I am not advocating for sticking my (or anyone’s) nose where it does not belong. I am not the morals police, and I certainly have enough trouble and drama of my own before caring to add yours to my mix.. However, when approached by someone, giving them a real answer seems to be the only right thing to do. There is definitely wisdom that always need to be taken into account, but regardless, why would I not at the very least answer them truthfully (when given the green light to speak into their life)?

I guess I assume that if you bring something to me, ask my thoughts and opinions, you are expecting a real answer regardless of the comfort level it takes to say it or receive it.

And, to be fair, don’t ask me questions and then expect me to give a false/fake/avoidance answer… If you ask me, know without any doubts I will answer truthfully. Whether you want to hear it, I want to say it, or it is the most uncomfortable thing in the world, you will get honesty from me.

This does not mean I have a perpetual “get out of jail free card” to be a jerk (although being a jerk comes naturally, it is not ok, God has been working on for the last 26 years of my life). I do not view my straight forward, blunt, tell it like it is (whatever you want to call it) perspective as free reign to be hurtful/spiteful/revengeful jerk… There is tact, wisdom, and love that must be involved in every situation… but that does not mean avoiding the truth. The reality is, honesty IS the best policy, especially when it is backed by love.

So, while I understand that being given straight forward answers is not common, and is DEFINITELY uncomfortable (I hate being called out in the moment too), unless you can show me where the Bible says “take it easy..” or “no need to tell them what you really think..” is part of “love your neighbor..” or really how it translates to being loving at all.. I’ll take my honesty and authenticity over fake, half-hearted, avoidance any day.

You cannot grow if your life is based off of fake feedback.

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