Perfect Saturday…

Today has been a perfect Saturday.. It has been so long since I have had one, that I almost forgot what they even felt like… looked like.. and more importantly how precious they are. I woke up gloriously late (11am) and was greeted by a text inviting me to join my friend for a run.. Not exactly my favorite, but since it was beautiful outside for the first time in a solid week, and I really have to begin training for my 10k in less than two months, I agreed, and even was ok glad to work off the energy and stress. Although, to be fair, I am terribly out of shape, but glad to get back into it. Then I took my time showering and getting ready for my day, including making myself an amazing omelet. Afterwards I took off to the Metro to take a ridiculously long ride into the city, although it was faster than trying to drive once I passed the expressway!… Slowly I made my way to Ebenezers coffee shop (The coffee shop owned by my church) to spend hours upon hours reading and doing homework. I typically have very little drive to accomplish any of it on the weekend, but since I had a gift card from my roomie (thank you!) I decided it was the perfect excuse to head in, get a change of scenery, and get some things accomplished since I am once again in a class I do not understand much about (Stats AGAIN?!). It feels awesome to be in a familiar setting of coffee and people wafting in and out while I people watch and read incredibly boring articles… It is a nice familiar welcome change of pace.

Later the plan is to meet up with some friends to show them a tri-level jazz club here in the city.. Doing whatever I want, at whatever pace I choose… This is like an old friend I forgot how enjoyable their company is!…

Plus the sun has been out all day!

One thought on “Perfect Saturday…

  1. šŸ™‚ mmmm I just sigh at the thought of your perfect Saturday!! It sounds like a good refresher. Enjoy your week, Krista!"God doesn't merely intend for life on this earth to be endured; rather, He intends life to be savored-every experience can be purposeful, meaningful, and significant."


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