Phone Conversations…

Last night a good friend of mine left me a voicemail that rambled on and on giving me quick updates, a schedule for the remainder of the week, and a hidden “call me asap” in their voice… So, once I had a moment I called, and could not help but smile as we began our marathon conversation… You see, our conversations are never short because both of us value getting the entire story and talking through what God is doing in our lives, there’s never any candy coating going on, and there is always honesty and humor included in everything we talk about.

It never ceases to amaze me how God just knows when to send certain people into or back into your life…

I spent roughly two hours talking with my friend and near the end of our conversation I was asked if it was ok for them to pray for me.. Which makes me laugh because I am pretty sure we pray every time we are done talking. But, this friend has long, authentic, all encompassing prayers that touch my soul in very profound ways. Thankfully the conversation ended with laughter (although it was throughout it too) and a discussion about dates that would work for a visit.

I am so thankful for my friends, and their support in my life. They make life better every day.

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