Today’s to-do list is brought to you by too much summer travel…

The usual laundry is on the to-do list, but included in that is bedding since I realized I am not real sure the last time I washed my bedding.. Which normally would be gross.. except I have on average not slept in my bed 2-4 nights every week for almost 6 weeks… Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better over my lapse of memory haha…

Homework, work conference call, and all the typicals that I somehow never manage to get done throughout the week are must to-dos today. With any luck I will be able to give myself a pedi, get a good amount of my homework and laundry complete.. and still have time to hang out with a couple friends.

ps. I made homemade pancakes with berries this morning, along with Guatemalan coffee.. Feeling quite accomplished!

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