One of my very dear friends found out this weekend that something was terribly wrong with her dad, he was taken to the emergency room, and seemed to deteriorate rapidly, with seemingly no reason… So much so that they began calling family to come because they had no idea what to expect moment to moment.

So, we began praying for healing, guidance and wisdom for the doctors; but mostly we prayed that God would find Him and he would become saved before his time here was over.

Shortly after I began texting family and friends asking for prayers we found out he likely has viral meningitis, which is not comforting, except for the fact that it is treatable. Highly contagious, but treatable. They began the long battery of tests, most of which have not come back yet, and in the meantime began the meds.

So we have commenced the waiting game..

I went to visit them at the hospital tonight after work since it was only in Baltimore. He is better from yesterday they said, but he is still so shockingly ill that it took me a few minutes to realize that the symptoms I was seeing were actually due to nerve issues and not because of seizures or anything of the like.. The good signs were that he was restless, and while he had very little control of his limbs, breathing and talking were difficult, he was trying to move, get out of bed, re-adjust etc.. almost constantly… All good things. But, he is not better yet, and he definitely has a ways to go.

My biggest prayers are still for his salvation in Christ Jesus. My God is bigger than this, of this I am sure.

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