One of my very dear friends found out this weekend that something was terribly wrong with her dad, he was taken to the emergency room, and seemed to deteriorate rapidly, with seemingly no reason… So much so that they began calling family to come because they had no idea what to expect moment to moment.

So, we began praying for healing, guidance and wisdom for the doctors; but mostly we prayed that God would find Him and he would become saved before his time here was over.

Shortly after I began texting family and friends asking for prayers we found out he likely has viral meningitis, which is not comforting, except for the fact that it is treatable. Highly contagious, but treatable. They began the long battery of tests, most of which have not come back yet, and in the meantime began the meds.

So we have commenced the waiting game..

I went to visit them at the hospital tonight after work since it was only in Baltimore. He is better from yesterday they said, but he is still so shockingly ill that it took me a few minutes to realize that the symptoms I was seeing were actually due to nerve issues and not because of seizures or anything of the like.. The good signs were that he was restless, and while he had very little control of his limbs, breathing and talking were difficult, he was trying to move, get out of bed, re-adjust etc.. almost constantly… All good things. But, he is not better yet, and he definitely has a ways to go.

My biggest prayers are still for his salvation in Christ Jesus. My God is bigger than this, of this I am sure.


Today’s to-do list is brought to you by too much summer travel…

The usual laundry is on the to-do list, but included in that is bedding since I realized I am not real sure the last time I washed my bedding.. Which normally would be gross.. except I have on average not slept in my bed 2-4 nights every week for almost 6 weeks… Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better over my lapse of memory haha…

Homework, work conference call, and all the typicals that I somehow never manage to get done throughout the week are must to-dos today. With any luck I will be able to give myself a pedi, get a good amount of my homework and laundry complete.. and still have time to hang out with a couple friends.

ps. I made homemade pancakes with berries this morning, along with Guatemalan coffee.. Feeling quite accomplished!

New Experiences..

My roomie, and a couple of her co-workers came out salsa dancing with a couple of my friends and I. I am so proud of her for stepping out to try something new that she is not naturally comfortable with, and especially for not just trying it, but keeping an open mind.. and finding out she could have fun AND feel graceful.

Successful night for sure 🙂

Phone Conversations…

Last night a good friend of mine left me a voicemail that rambled on and on giving me quick updates, a schedule for the remainder of the week, and a hidden “call me asap” in their voice… So, once I had a moment I called, and could not help but smile as we began our marathon conversation… You see, our conversations are never short because both of us value getting the entire story and talking through what God is doing in our lives, there’s never any candy coating going on, and there is always honesty and humor included in everything we talk about.

It never ceases to amaze me how God just knows when to send certain people into or back into your life…

I spent roughly two hours talking with my friend and near the end of our conversation I was asked if it was ok for them to pray for me.. Which makes me laugh because I am pretty sure we pray every time we are done talking. But, this friend has long, authentic, all encompassing prayers that touch my soul in very profound ways. Thankfully the conversation ended with laughter (although it was throughout it too) and a discussion about dates that would work for a visit.

I am so thankful for my friends, and their support in my life. They make life better every day.

Ten Years Ago…

Ten years ago today I was a Junior in high school, sitting in my 2nd period art class when my teacher who always had the radio or some sort of music on announce “Oh my God, a plane just hit the world trade center!” I was shocked, but not really aware of what it meant, because really the only thing that came to mind was that it was a terrible accident. The idea of a terrorist attack did not even cross my mind.

I left the class soon after, entered my 3rd period English 3 Honors class, and discovered that it was a bigger deal than everyone initially thought.. So, we did what any normal teenager would do.. we begged and pleaded our teacher to let us go to the only classroom we knew had a tv, and watch the news. By the time we got there the second plane had hit, and there were easily 100 kids and teachers crammed into the classroom. I sat on the floor only a couple feet from the entirely too small for all of us tv, and watched the first… I was horrified when the news showed people jumping… I could not fathom fear enough that would motivate me to jump out of a building hundreds of stories to the ground. Then the second building collapsed.

I remember just being in a state of shock because we knew it was on purpose now.

I have never been overly emotional, and I remember classmates and teachers crying, but for some reason, I did not. I was scared for our country, and the unknown… How many planes did they have?… Where are they heading next?.. Are any of us safe?.. Especially as the news unfolded and there were two more plane crashes. The Pentagon (which weirdly is the city I live in now), and a field in Pennsylvania.

Yet, all at the same time, I operated under a confidence knowing that even if I was not going to be “ok”.. I was safe because my God still had it and was still under control.

The rest of the day was really a blur. I remember my 6th period Biology teacher giving us some time at the beginning of class to talk about what we were thinking, feeling, and allowed us to ask questions.. Not that she had any answers, but it was certainly a lot better than being told we had to pretend none of it mattered or worse that it didn’t actually happen and our lives were not going to be different.

As soon as my dad picked me up that day (like every other day) I remember blurting out “DID YOU HEAR?!.. The World Trade Centers were hit by planes today!” He of course had heard.. and we talked about it the whole way home.. and I remember turning the HUGE tv (5 foot ginormous box of a tv we had) on and standing just a couple feet from it and watching the replays of the buildings collapse over and over… I remember just letting it sink in that this was incredible evil, and I tried envisioning the emotions every person on those planes, and in those buildings would have felt. The confusion, fear, chaos… all of it.

I remember it just being overwhelming, and that for the next several weeks I was consumed with the rescue and recovery of the people in the buildings and at the Pentagon.

So, as cliche as it sounds.. 10 years later, our lives are still moving forward.. but everyone is right, I will never be the same either. 9/11 is always a moment in time that I remember how small and fragile we all are, how evil the devil is, and how glorious my God is.