Debts and Freedom…

I found out last night after looking and crunching some numbers (sounds way cooler than simply doing some math), that I will be debt free.. except for my student loans (which are on hold thanks to being in school again) as of Friday (payday).

First thought: YES!


Second thought: How did that happen?!

Third thought: I will be able to save loads of money.. and head to Africa soon!..

I never really thought about the fact that to be “debt free”.. really does feel and resonate as freedom. I mean, I know and totally understand that I am not *really* debt free because by the time I am done with this round of schooling, I will have in the vicinity of 60k in student loans… Which is just a little less than what my brother and sister in law paid for their house. But, the reality is, for that to be my only real debt, sans any major disaster… (hence the mass exodus of cash that will soon be entering my savings account) I am pumped about all the possibilities, and freedom I feel knowing my monthly bill payments have no automatic deciding factor attached to them. I mean, obviously there are bills such as rent, cell phone, gas, food, etc.. But, I also feel like those can be canceled and I *could* walk away from them if I needed to with relatively little consequence or cost.

So, what did the possibilities look like in my head?.. Well, first it looked like a trip to Africa, or Asia… or maybe finally to Spain!… Then, I decided I would save that money and see what happens not making any real plans for it yet… Then, I began thinking of the needs of certain people I love, and what would it look like to save a decent amount of money and “Merry Christmas, Jesus Loves you” them with it?… The excitement I would have getting to do that would be virtually indescribable!.. And, the need to keep it a secret would be like trying not to breathe! (I love surprising people)…

After I was done fantasizing about the possibilities, reality set in and I realized, I have no idea what is to come. Whether this means I have the ability to save my money by putting it into savings for a rainy day, putting a large first payment when it comes time to pay back my loans, or if later I find myself really compelled to send I love you money to various people, or whether that means I get to walk the streets of another country.. or simply save to prepare for life to dramatically change in the near(ish) future… Regardless of where I feel God leading my finances, the freedom that comes with knowing I am not attached to any certain pay grade in order to “make it” anymore is really a quite lovely feeling. A feeling of freedom.

I am pretty excited about the possibilities and for the chance to see what God does next.

3 thoughts on “Debts and Freedom…

  1. I know the feeling 🙂 My husband and I are debt free except for my student loans, and it's WONDERFUL. I would truly encourage you to save an 8-month emergency fund and fully fund your ROTH IRA each year ($5k each year). It's so great to give money as a blessing, and I hope beyond doing those two things, you can. It's also really wonderful knowing that when it comes time when you either can't work because you physically cannot or you're ready to retire, you have everything you need to take care of yourself – God always provides, and I have faith He will lead you to the right path, whatever that is for you! Congrats on your newfound freedom!!


  2. WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))This is TOOOOOOOO awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep breathing, and honestly, save it. Save until you feel God's direction on it.


  3. Thanks ladies! I really appreciate the encouragement 🙂 And yeah, I think I've settled on saving until I feel God directing me otherwise :)I'm so excited!~K


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