Longest Stay…

Last night, I laid in bed thinking about the last year, the beginning of the next year, and just sort of taking inventory a bit. I realized that, as of today, I will have lived in one place for the longest amount of time since I was 17… That is almost ten years!

Let me break it down this way…
My senior year of highschool we moved to the first house my parents owned.. and we are all convinced it was made for our family.

About six months later I moved to college (I know it is not really a “move”.. but it is if you are a girl haha).. I then proceeded to move to and from college for four years, including to and from summer camps every summer.

After I graduated at 22, I moved home… lived there for almost a year, but in the process had packed all my things preparing to move to Africa, then when that fell through I ended up moving to Ohio for summer camp again. At the end of the summer, I got a job in central VA, packed everything I owned/could fit in my car and made the 12 hour trek to my new “home”.

Once in central VA, I lived in a temporary apartment for a month. Then moved into a new (beautiful) apartment for 8 months. Then moved to a cute house with two girls for just under a year. Then moved to an attic (my favorite room ever) of the house my roomie had bought… Lived there for 5 months… Then moved to DC where I have been for JUST over a year now.

So, since my senior year of high school I have yet to live in one house for more than a year… And yet, here I am beginning my second year in this same house, feels weird and good at the same time. Part of me thinks there is no possible way I will make another whole year, but then again, stranger things have happened!

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