High Class…

A friend encouraged me to try video blogging (or vlogging if you are social media savvy)… I am going to attempt it soon, although I have to figure out what I intend on talking about in a video. I find it easy to ramble on about things on my heart and in my mind when I am writing, but I am unsure if the naturalness will come through in a video.. We shall see.

Last night I went to a “Think Pink and Blue” event last night put on by Men Against Breast Cancer. It was a night of h’ordeuvres, champagne, and a men’s fashion show. It was fun, but mostly because the people who attended with me were a blast to be around, and they knew who all the “Real Housewives of DC” were.. their guys.. and random fashion people were.. I had no clue, and just enjoyed it. An amusing evening being a part of an evening so totally foreign for me, but for a fantastic cause.

Also, I (thank you facebook) reconnected with a friend from freshman year of college over coffee last night for a bit, and we had a blast catching up and remembering why we enjoyed each others company so many years ago.. We laughed about the fact that so much has changed. Not only are we both in DC instead of small towns in MI, she had dreadlocks, and dramatically different hair, my hair was long and blond, and I wore sweatshirts constantly… Last night both of us looked as though we fit in the city.. lol How odd, and comforting at the same time to be able to remember how much we have changed, and chat with someone who knows where you come from.

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