Hello Annoyance…

I have been seriously annoyed the last couple days. Not at anything in particular, but I find myself having to exercise way more control with my reactions to things that are ultimately minor but leave me feeling ready to rip someone’s head off. I, as one of my friends put it, had to put myself in adult time out yesterday to avoid laying into someone for a couple of rather minor situations. The problem is I logically know none of the situations matter, and I realize that my feelings towards them are rather silly or petty, but I also have found that knowing that has not helped improve my feelings towards the situations.

Last night, I found myself really just praying about the whole thing admitting that I wanted someone to pick a fight with me so I could tear them apart… and then recognizing how not ok that perspective is, and that I really was powerless to change my perspective and needed some divine intervention… Which ultimately put me to bed instead of talking to anyone.

I hope that the rest of the day and evening pan out in such a way that allows the remaining shreds of totally unfounded annoyance to waste away.

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