Interesting Week…

It has been such an interesting week.. It started out incredibly frustrating and annoying. I had a couple high points of getting a new book to read, began cultivating a new idea, and has ended with a complete bait and switch of a situation.

First, I want to say, several chapters into the Start Something That Matters book by Blake Mycoskie, I am very much enjoying this book, and finding myself underlining and writing notes in the margins… I will write a (probably a couple) review on it soon. I am definitely getting inspired.

Then today, in the midst of normal chaos at work I discovered that an individual who has caused a lot of stress, turmoil, and angst in my life over the last while was let go. What weird emotions to experience… I never felt a “jump for joy” or “time to celebrate” emotion, mostly I just felt relief.. and suddenly conflicted about the idea of “is it ok to celebrate over someone else losing their job?”… Is that ok? I sent some updating text messages to a few people and expressed my conflicted emotions… My dad wisely suggested that celebrating someone else losing their job is understandably something to be conflicted over, so instead, wait to see who will fill that position moving forward, and celebrate that. Another friend suggested waiting to see if there is room for promotion and celebrate the positive in the situation, not someone else’s negative. And finally, another friend suggested that maybe celebrate is the wrong word entirely, but that it is okay to feel relief that there is a degree of struggle no longer playing a role in my workplace environment. So, I have settled on feeling relief that the stress and turmoil I had been experiencing for the last while is no longer a factor, but recognizing that someone (no matter how frustrating to work with) has lost their job.

What a weird week.. which was preceded by last week that just felt crazy, like the world had lost it’s mind.

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