I was thinking a little bit today about doubts and fears. I am not talking about basic doubt or fears, but the ones deep down inside that really can impact a lot of areas of your life… I was also thinking a bit about how doubts and fears grow, change, or reduce… For example, my biggest fear in college was “ending up alone,” meaning I was worried I would be the scary, slightly crazy cat lady at the end of the road…. (or dog lady as it would likely end up 😉 I had serious doubts that God heard my pleas and cries for Him to bring me someone so I would not have to do “this” (life) alone. These thoughts ebbed and flowed depending on what was going on around me and how busy or fulfilled I felt. But, one thing remained, there was fear in (what I thought was the worst thing possible) being alone.

What is interesting to me, is, I have found myself genuinely coming out of that fear and those doubts in the last couple years, but mostly in the last year or so. Part of it has been because of my need to focus elsewhere, which removal from the feelings and situation long enough always allows some distance from the thoughts or desires (for me at least). Other parts of it have to do with needing to comfort those around me that I am in fact not lonely at all, not in the slightest… And, finally, I realized that I honestly, whole heartedly trust God’s plan for my life. Whether that means I will be the cool fun aunt that never has a husband and family of her own.. or whether that means some day I will adopt my own kids as a single woman… or if I find myself in love, married, and a family of my own. I do not in any way regret or find disappointment in my life so far regardless of the future. I realized sometime in the last year that I genuinely am enjoying my journey, and no part of me feels lacking or that God has left me wanting…

I was marveling the other day at how content I am with life as a whole. I have had some serious struggles, issues, and fires I feel like I have been through the last couple years, but currently I find that I am just content. I love my life… If God chooses to bring me a man.. then He’s really gonna have to work on that one, cause not only am I busy (no really, that’s not even an avoiding a date line), I am not particularly looking in a guy entering my life in a manner beyond just friends (kiss of death for guys, sorry). You see, it is not that I am against dating or having a guy pursue, I just do not have any, nor know of any that I am hoping will “come get/find me.” I like my life just the way it is, single, difficult, busy, and (surprisingly) in DC. If God’s will or plan is for me to find “the one” (I am not really sure I believe in that anyway), then I have total and complete confidence that God will work it out… and the guy will be perfect for me haha.. Meaning, he will have no bones about pursuing, and work to get/have me…. thus making me fall deeply and madly in love with him…. haha maybe someday… but not today, and likely not anytime soon.

So, whether you are single or you simply are worried about a single friend, let me encourage you to definitely be praying for the situation, but do not doubt God’s plan and the perfectness of how it will all work out in the end. “Do not worry about tomorrow” including worry about the singleness of your loved ones (or yourself).

Trust God.

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