My Men..

The last few days I have been able to talk to my dad, brothers, and one of my uncles..

The men in my life are amazing men of God. I am so amazed at their wisdom, care, compassion, love, and genuine desire to seek the Lord and care for those around them. I am so blessed.

My dad is ever learning and finding life fascinating, I always love talking to him cause he always has interesting things to talk about, and he always is so inspiring and helpful when I am worried or concerned about things. My dad’s faith and knowledge of the Bible and Christ amazes me.. He is my hero.

My brothers are two of the funniest people I know.. ever. While we used to argue all the time when we were little.. and sometimes still do today, they are always quick to tell me they love me, and I know if I ever needed them, I would have to merely utter the words. They are amazing men.

My uncle is one of the most caring men I know, he’s always trying to figure out ways to help people. He has a great sense of humor, and knows how to make each person in his life feel special and unique.

I could go on and on about the guy friends in my life that I love dearly, or the other men in my family… But, I mostly wanted to highlight a few this time since I have been thinking about them this week 🙂

The amazing Godly men in my life vastly outweigh the men I know that are jerks or some variety of untrustworthy.

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