Start Something That Matters Winner!…

I really had to think about this one because I loved getting the stories on my blog, facebook, and twitter! It was really challenging, especially to read through the impact that people make on others lives and usually without even realizing the difference they are making. To me it is so encouraging to read about the small things making all the difference.

I loved the story shared by Jess about the huge impact it made on her life to have someone treat her as an equal as such a young age.

The story of the friend who was above all else loving and caring towards her hurting and broken male friend is very dear to my heart and one that I take as a great reminder that often times we stand in the gap for those who cannot handle the weight of the hurt in their lives alone.

The simple and utter faith of friends who make distinctions between our own hopes and the will of God.. the little prayers that bring us closer to the Lord in the smallest of moments but in the biggest of ways.

And finally, the woman who has genuinely created a “pay it forward” concept by taking a month that is typically used to celebrate herself, and instead choosing each day to love and care for someone else.. How incredibly inspiring!.. So inspiring that I too think I will start this tradition.. I love it!

So, thank you thank you for everyone on my blog, on my facebook, and on my twitter that responded and shared these amazing stories that really encourage and touch me.. Ahhh! It makes choosing a winner so difficult! However, do not worry, I have come up with a solution!…

The winner is all four of you (Jess, Patrick, Dan, and NanasNibbles)!.. Instead of merely sending the one book I have, each of you will receive a book.. which means that three children will receive new books as well “One for One.” Why would I do this? Because I think it is a good enough book that if you took the time to think about and respond to my questions, then this book is a great read for you and has the potential to make a huge difference.

Please email me your addresses by December 10, 2011 so I can send you Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie.

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