Komen and Planned Parenthood…

Before you read this, I realize I will likely start a firestorm with this post, and for the record, I am not looking for a fight, and I am not looking to be persuaded… I understand the issue.

I am amazed at the latest firestorm over the Susan G. Komen pulling funding from Planned Parenthood (and then subsequently re-funding them). On one hand I understand people revolting due to the great things they do for women who are unable to afford breast cancer services… I completely understand that fighting to find a cure for breast cancer is a big deal, I have several women in my life who have fought this fight and won, I know a few who have lost.. and I understand firsthand the fear and worry of finding out you need additional testing just to make sure the routine test that found something abnormal is nothing to be concerned about.

So, I get it

What I do not get is, how no one is paying attention to the other side…

Planned Parenthood was founded in “1916 by eugenics advocate Margaret Higgins Sanger. She saw birth control as the key to limiting the numbers of people she considered inferior. Sanger wanted to protect the rights and power of those she believed to be of an elite superior breed as they would be needed to rule over ‘the hordes of irresponsibility and imbecility.'”

So, regardless of how it is touted today, the start of this company was not to be this great grand gesture for women or a beacon of hope… it was to rule over the hordes of irresponsible and imbecilic women who reproduce inferior children… Aka… She sounds like a Nazi.

And, while “only 3% of their funding goes towards abortion” .. it also commits more abortions than any other single entity in the United States… So, what does that look like? (at least) 329,445 babies in 2010.

Planned Parenthood admits to “surgically” killing 329,445 preborn human beings in 2010 alone (down less than one percent from 2009 — the first time in 16 years that the number dropped; up nearly 1.7 percent from 2008), generating an estimated $135 million. Only 841 customers were referred to adoption agencies (down 13.9 percent from 2009; down a whopping 65 percent from 2008)… In 2010 Planned Parenthood sold 1,461,816 “emergency” birth control kits.” (found here)

That is a cute number.. Three hundred and twenty nine thousand, four hundred and forty five precious, beautiful babies were killed, and possibly one million, four hundred and sixty one thousand, eight hundred and sixteen more were killed. When was the last time we saw a war with the casualty number that high? The American people would REVOLT if Obama sent us into a war that killed that many of our people.

So, here is my question.. why are we not asking Planned Parenthood to stop abortions, but continue their other work?.. Why is that not even a part of the discussion?

Why are we ok with 3% (329,445)?

I do not understand, and it completely breaks my heart that we are accepting an “ends justifies the means” mentality… Which means, in this case, we are willing to accept the death of babies in order to fund the survival of women.

To me, this is a no-win situation and it breaks my heart. I understand that this is a HIGHLY emotional situation for everyone involved, whether you are on the side of focusing exclusively on the benefits they offer women struggling with breast cancer or if you are on the side fighting against killing small children… Regardless this is an emotional fight, I understand. But, I literally, I hate this fight, I hate that people are willing to stand up for breast cancer but not for killing a baby.

I hate that we feel like we have to choose one or the other.

Breaks. My. Heart.

2 thoughts on “Komen and Planned Parenthood…

  1. Krista- I love you. I love this post. You are fantastic and spot on.We should never be OK with 1 less baby on this planet, especially when there are so many other options other than killing a lil human.WELL said my dear!-R.Gorbena


  2. Beyond all that, my annoyance with this whole thing is that I personally knew people who complained that the Susan G. Komen foundation gave money to Planned Parenthood because of the fact that Planned Parenthood allows abortions. But I have a feeling, a very strong, sure feeling, that those same people are complaining today that the same foundation didn't want to keep giving money and now they're complaining because it affects breast cancer screening. Really, people should pick a side. I see what you mean about how it's difficult to "choose" a side based on the fact that if they didn't give money, PP wouldn't be able to do those breast cancer screenings or whatnot – what I would really hope is that there are enough other centers that are pro-life that would offer breast cancer services. And for the record (in case anyone cares :)), my personal opinion on this subject will remain mum.


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