Are you Born Again?…

It was a simple conversation followed by a couple knowing smiles, and my heart just swelled.

One of my co-workers walks past my desk usually a couple times a day on their way to and from the kitchen for coffee or tea. Thanks to my strategically placed cubical, I see virtually everyone who comes onto my floor, and I do not mind in the slightest saying hi, good morning, have a great day or just smiling at everyone who walks by. It is not a big interruption to my day, and often times it provides enough of a break from what I am focusing on to help me re-focus for another little while.

Anyway, this particular co-worker is always pleasant (like virtually all of them are) with a very genuine smile. Today was similar to the other days, except, just as they were about to reach the door to walk back down the stairs, they turned around and paused, then made their way back to my desk saying, “I have a question for you, which you do not have to answer if you are not comfortable…” I had no idea what was coming, and knowing the totally random range of things I get asked on a daily basis, I just laughed and responded with, “Okay.”

“Are you born again?”

I smiled, and just responded with a simple, “Yes I am.”

I got the sweetest knowing smile in response, then a satisfactory nod, and an “I thought so.”

That is when I laughed and asked what made them wonder that, and I got the biggest compliment I can recall in the last few months:

“I just thought so.”

With a satisfied smile, they turned and began walking away, at which point I called after them, “Are you?” They paused in the doorway, turned around, smiled again and said, “Yes.” and were gone through the door back to work.

I sat in silence for a few moments and just smiled, it was one of the most profoundly impacting conversations, yet entirely simple, “Are you born again?” It was clear, it was direct, it was void of non-nonchalance, and it avoided the common “are you a Christian?”.. it was deeper, it was specific, and it was more meaningful.

But, what impacted me the most was the knowing smile and the satisfactory look afterwards, almost as though they were glad to know they were correct in what they saw. As if something struck them as distinctly different, and they were glad to know that they had guess exactly right. For this, I am so thankful.

I am amazed at how my sweet savior works, and I am completely humbled that someone who passes by my desk a couple times a day and has fairly limited conversation with me knew exactly what they were seeing.

“Are you born again?”

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