Am I Ugly?…

I read an article last week about the latest fad of young girls posting on YouTube asking if they are pretty or ugly… My heart broke.

When I was in college the version of “Am I pretty or ugly” that a lot of my friends used was, “Hot or Not” … Remember that?.. I hope not, because I hope like me you stayed far.. far away from that site. I did not venture even remotely close to that website because truthfully, I did not want others to rate me… Partially because I know my worth is so much more than a button someone clicks, and partially (if I am being completely honest) it was because I was afraid of the answer I would get… And then, I was fairly sure I would become obsessed with checking to see if anyone had said “hot” or “not.”

Today, I read a blog by Pete Wilson, I do not know him personally, but I follow him on twitter and read his blog (love social media!). He posted a letter today from his friend Annie that speaks to a fear lots of women have.. It is well worth the read.

This has me thinking.. How sad that we (women/girls) are so broken and so hurting that we post videos to YouTube asking MILLIONS of others to tell us if we are pretty or ugly… At such young ages.

First, parents, PLEASE remove your daughters video, and spend some serious quality time establishing her worth in who she is because of Christ.. NOT because of her outward beauty. Remind her that she is worth so much more than that.

Second, whether you are skinny, fat, chubby, tall, short, big boned, blonde, brunette, redhead, tan, ghost-white…

You. Are. Beautiful. 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are worthy to be chased, and you are a treasure because of who you belong to, not because of your perceived imperfections.

Do not get me wrong.. I have my days.. I have my moments… standing in front of the mirror wishing my stomach was flatter, my posture was better, my calves were not as muscular, my skin was clearer, my (fill in the blank)… I have been there (last week actually).. If I am being totally honest, I struggle with these same thoughts on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. I have to stay vigilant in reminding myself that my worth has nothing to do with the extra weightloss I feel like would make me much more attractive… My worth is not attached to anything I am or am not, can or cannot do, have or do not have…

What if I was shorter or less muscular, would the guys like me then?.. No.

My favorite (I’ll punch you in the face) question:
“Why ARE you still single?” ..
It always brings out the (worst) best answers I have such as:
“It’s my violence that keeps the men at bay…” or “Because I’m actually a Witch (insert different word…) behind this smile and laugh…”

The reality is, only God knows why I am still single, why the men do not chase after me like they do my pretty friends (referencing the letter Annie wrote)… When I guarantee, my beautiful friends (I swear I have the highest ratio for beautiful friends possible) struggle with these same thoughts… The truth is also that, I am (you are) worthy, and I am (you are) beautiful.

Are you ugly? If you let Him, my sweet savior will whisper the truest response to that question: Not a chance.

One thought on “Am I Ugly?…

  1. Great post! Found it on G+. I'm not a perv but have found myself staring at these young teens! lmaoAll i know is that they are developed! If it was my teen daughter i'd smack her around. The vids on youtube are sad. My daughter never dresses and acts like that!


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