Honesty Saves Hearts…

Yesterday was not exactly a lovely little walk in the park kinda day. I decided to fast yesterday because it was day 20 of the 21 days of prayer, and I knew today would not work well for fasting. Needless to say it was a fairly crappy day for several reasons. While I do not really understand fasting, I do not get what it does, and I do not understand the full scope of the benefits, one thing I can say without any doubts, I am always under a stronger spiritual attack when I am fasting, it is rather aggravating…

I am so thankful for the friend I have here in DC who makes me go to the gym, who kicks my butt when I need it, laughs at me when I am being ridiculous, checks in on me, chills and watches stupid movies with me, for all the times she listens while I vent, the fact that she is honest about her thoughts, and all the times she is just loyal and supportive.. I am so thankful for her in my life, and for knowing that she is not only there for me, but that she will be honest with me regardless.

Last night my bff called to touch base after I texted a few times with her about the day I had. I am so thankful for her, she is always good for my heart.. no matter what mood, what mindset or what emotions I have running through my veins, she is good for me, and never gives into my walls or push-back.

In the midst of the ridiculousness that was yesterday, the lies I was told, and the lies I struggled to defend my mind against, I am so thankful for these two women and the ways in which they make me laugh, they stand and support me when I cannot or do not want to keep moving. I appreciate their lack of letting me wallow, and that they tirelessly fight against my self-wallowing thoughts.

More than anything else, I treasure their honesty… Whether I like it or not, I know that they are telling me the truth always, and on days like yesterday, that knowledge helps muddle through the emotions that cloud my thinking. Without any doubts, these two women help my heart find truth again, find Christ again, and there is no doubt in my mind that God sent them to be my community before I ever realized I would need them. I am so thankful.

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