What is Kony 2012?…

Man, I feel like I got busy for a couple days at work and suddenly I see “Kony 2012” all over my social media outlets.. Which caused me to ask a few people what it was, they gave a few vague answers, I saw several videos floating around Facebook and Twitter, but did not have time to watch the videos until now.

While I am posting the video, I (true to fashion) want to share my thoughts. The video is 30 minutes long… Well. Worth. The. Watch. I cried while watching it, and if you know me, you realize I pretty much never cry…

But, you also know,
                                 I love Africa
                                                      I love people
                                                                           and I love Jesus…

(Jesus is listed last because studies show you will remember the last thing listed the most)

This video (that you are about to watch) is powerful, it is everything a movement SHOULD be. Unlike Occupy Wallstreet, this movement makes sense, it has goals that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound), the movement shows what to do, how to be involved, and is engaging. So, before I talk a bit about how I feel and what I plan on doing, watch this video… maybe with a tissue or sleeve handy…

If you do not watch the video (see the 3 things you can do at the bottom), the basic goal is to educate EVERYONE as to who Kony is, what he has done, and ensure that the people who CAN do something (politicians) are aware that we WANT them to do something, we want them to step in, and we want them to take the steps necessary to end this. 

Here is another article from Foreign Policy that gives a whole lot of information on several parts of this… While I do not agree with his somewhat cynical view of this, I appreciate more information on the entire situation as a whole.

There are so many things about this video that grip my heart. First, there are SO many children that are feeling the affects of this one man (and likely his close military group as well). He is evil, likely controlled and tormented by demons, and his reign has gone one way too long.

To give some perspective, this started when I was one. That is too long.

Also, I love the passion of the man who met Jacob, I love that he is keeping his promise from so many years ago to a hurting and broken boy. I love that he shows how his own little boy even understands what needs to happen, and I love that he has not taken no for an answer.

I love Africa, I love little kids… I love little African boys.. and I am going to support Kony 2012 because I can, because I have the resources to do so, because I love Jesus, Africa, people, children, and do not think it is ever ok for us to stand by when we have the ability to do something, to make a difference.

This whole thing breaks my heart, so I will help.

If you did not watch the video (please do), here are the three quick take aways:
1. Sign the petition here.
2. Get the bracelet and Action Kit here.
3. Donate to Tri here.

Kony 2012.

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