I have to admit, one of the very best things that has transpired due to living in DC is that I get to see so many people more often than I think I will ever have the chance again. Because DC is such a hub for transportation, things to do, and is centrally located on the East Coast, it makes seeing friends easy… Once or twice a month (on average) friends crash at my place either because they are passing through, they are wanting to visit DC or because work has brought them here. I love how many people I see, how many additional hugs I get, and how many chances I get to catch up with people simply because my location is in DC.

I am so thankful for this chance.

This week, one of my best friends from college is visiting while she’s on spring break. It will be fantastic to spend the week playing, sharing my life with her, laughing, and just being friends hanging out again. I am so excited about this week, even though I am working half days all week long to reduce the amount of vacation time I take off, plus it gives her a reason to sleep in! haha

I am so thankful for being here in DC because of opportunities like this.

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