3×5 Cards…

I was struck last night as I added a new fresh 3×5 prayer card to my bathroom mirror, I have SO MANY prayers crossed off due to God answering…

The first few cards I started several years ago were left at my old house because my roomie had prayers on them too, so the first one currently on my mirror is dated 11/2010 (when I first moved to DC). While God has not answered every single prayer I have written down on these cards yet, I know without any doubts He will… Not necessarily in the ways I am/was asking, but He will answer none the less.

There was something satisfying to see that I now have 7 cards taped onto or next to my bathroom mirror, all with dates of when I first put the card up (and eventually will be dated for when the last prayer was answered on each card). As I was thinking about it, I became amazed at the sheer number of lines I have drawn through the different prayers, not to mention, it is really exciting to look and see God’s faithfulness etched in each line. Each individual answered prayer helped affirm over and over repeatedly that the ones that have yet to be crossed off, will eventually follow suit and be answered. I could not help but smile to myself as I brushed my teeth (yeah, I struggled a bit with the toothpaste foam and smiling.. haha) at all the different ways the prayers were answered, some completely straight forward, others with resounding no’s, and others were a rabbit trail that felt a bit more like a roller coaster… But, each one distinctly different, with a unique God story attached to it.

There are still so many prayers to be answered, and somehow even with them written down I go periods of time without praying over some of them, only to be overwhelmed by the burden once again that caused me to write it down in the first place.

Regardless of how God chooses to answer my prayers in the future, one thing is certain, God hears me when I talk to Him…. Even in the times and periods when I feel like He is completely absent and silent, He is still working. I am so thankful.

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