April’s Randoms…

I keep starting to write a blog post, and then either sit here blankly staring at my screen or clicking other tabs and quickly escaping my blog to peruse other places on the web… What I find bizarre is that I have a whole lot of things to say (as always), but somehow in the last month I cannot seem to separate them into topics or themes to concisely write about.

So, I gave up trying to mold my mind to fit my blog, and decided I would just share some of the randomness going on in my life lately, and thought I would share a few of the more intimate thoughts too… because it is what I do on my space.

I FINALLY officially started my business (nope the website’s not up yet.. it has to be perfect!). You see.. I am getting a double masters degree currently.. One of those masters degrees is a Masters of Business Administration. Do any of my classes include “how to start a business” nope. Not a single one! So, as a lot of what I am doing is trial and error in terms of the best places to do the paperwork, the best lists to follow, the best people to talk to, the best programs to use etc..etc.. It is really hard work, but thankfully I am learning a lot, getting overwhelmed a lot, and talking it through with lots of friends! I am really excited to start this, and I am officially registered with a Tax ID number (EIN), and a business certificate to do business in VA!

I have discovered that while I do a lot of things, I am really one of the laziest people you will EVER meet when it comes to things I do not view as “fun”.. Say laundry, dishes, making my bed, reading the Bible or filing paperwork in a timely fashion. Oye.. I need to find a system and routine that works for me.

I have the BEST idea for a practical/techy calendar… The problem is I have no idea how to actually create it because I am neither technical nor educated in engineering… So, I will hold onto my idea until I can find someone who can create what I want.

A friend of mine is getting married this weekend, and I am both amazed at how God works, and rejoicing in the celebration and commitment that is going to take place this weekend!

We found a new roomie to move into our house the beginning of May! We are excited but going to miss the roomie that’s moving out.. and maybe slightly dreading the upheaval it will bring to our house as one girl moves out and another moves in.

I. Want. To. Travel. So badly. A couple girlfriends and I are starting to make plans to travel to Costa Rica for Thanksgiving.. there are a lot of cool things to do there!.. So, in preparation, we are beginning to save now so that our finances are in order and do not require a dip into savings or credit card!.. However, I would really love to head back to Africa soon.. or go to Europe soon.. Basically I want to travel around the world a lot in the next couple years…. We shall see I guess.

I have been doing a LOT of thinking lately on “community” and I realized that while everyone needs it in some form or fashion, I genuinely love, thrive, and cherish it when I find it. I love creating community and it really bothers me when it is absent. I thoroughly enjoy creating a place where others have the chance to choose to become a part of a community, and I find entertainment watching it grow… I am really.. REALLY thankful for the community that has sprung up around me over the last few months. So. Blessed.

I have been thinking lately (for whatever reason) how different life will be in a year. I will be finishing up my last class and getting ready to graduate from grad school. I will hopefully be in a new position in my career, and I will likely be living at a different residence than I do now (although the reality is I will likely still be in DC), not to mention with any luck I will be more established with my business and have a decent (but manageable) number of clients!

I have been asked by several people lately if I would consider leading a small group this summer, part of me is definitely interested, another part is worried I would not be able to commit the time needed, and another part is completely unsure of what I would do the small group on.. soo, we will see how that one turns out I guess…

While I have a dozen or so more things bouncing around in my head I will leave this list here for now…

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