The Blah Weeks…

I really hate the days that are for all intents and purposes fine, nothing too off the wall, out of the ordinary, frustrating or otherwise, and even contained some really good parts.. Yet I still am left feeling blah at the end of the day. Today was one of those days, work was frustrating, but honestly I think it had more to do with my mindset than anyone or anything that actually took place, I had a great couple hours spent over coffee and chatting with some friends, and I even was able to sneak in a run (really I need to control the sugar intake that has gotten out of control the last week or so!).. And yet, here I sit, stretching on the floor, and something just feels off inside. Not the biggest fan of days where I feel blah for no real reason.

Completely random thoughts floating through my head:
I am super excited for a friend of mine and things going on in her life.

I am really excited to see “The Dark Tower” in a few weeks.

I am so excited for Avengers to come out (I know, I’m a nerd).

I dislike having to be patient, but feel like I have no other option at this point.

I really hate, and subsequently beat myself up when other people’s happiness does not also bring me uninhibited joy and happiness for them… Talk about selfishness.. eesh.

It has been a really long time since I have experienced serious change in my life… I need to travel.. or move… or get a new job.. or SOMETHING!… But, none of those things are looking too promising at the moment (maybe I will just dye my hair again to satisfy the desire for change for a while haha).

My lack of dedication to working out makes me feel like my body is turning to goo or mush… I am fairly sure my goal to run a half marathon at the end of May is not going to happen..

I could use a little inspiration.. It has been a very long time since I have had an artistic craving…

There is a pretty good chance most of my emotions this week are due to a severe lack of good and/or long amounts sleep all week… Maybe I should work on that huh?

On all of these random notes, I leave you with one of my favorite artists Brooke Fraser and her song Faithful, pretty much sums up how I am feeling.

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