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A couple weeks ago I was driving back to DC from a weekend of friends and a wedding; one of my favorite things about the drive is A. It is always a beautiful drive, and B. The few hours it takes me to drive gives me plenty of time to do some thinking and processing, and catch up with a few people over the phone.

Last time I made this drive, for whatever reason, I found myself contemplating and realizing for all intents and purposes (at least on the outside) I am a “career woman,” the irony is that I have never intended nor wanted to be. I have always wanted to get married, have a family, and then change the world (pretty much in that order). Having a “successful career” seemed exciting, but not really anything I would dream about. One thing is certain though, I have always wanted to change the world.. I just never really envisioned my career being the means by which I took to change the world.

So, what now? I mean, I am in my late 20’s, fairly secure in my career, getting a double masters degree, starting my own business, and avidly working to pay off my debt… Success right?.. Sure, I guess. I mean on the outside it is perfect, I am succeeding and “making something of myself” … What is interesting regarding all of this is, all I could think of on my drive home is “…this was not the type of woman I thought I would be 10 years ago…” I never set out to be a “career woman.” I never thought I would be the age I am and still single.

I realized recently that one of the most difficult things for me to acknowledge, as well as figure out how to respond to is, other people’s belief that my goal all along has been to be a successful career woman…

To be a successful career woman was never my goal.

Being a catalyst who changes the world… THAT has been my goal.

To be honest, it is naturally frustrating to field questions about my status as a 20 something single girl… It becomes even more difficult and disheartening with the added assumptions of my intentions, goals, and the direction my life is going being purposefully to be a career woman or attain “success.”

So, with this in mind, let me explain a few things:

I have completely accepted that I am not God, and have no control over when or if a man will enter my life and one day become my husband. If that will ever happen I do not know so, simply waiting around and acting as though marriage is the pinnacle of what I am meant to do with my life is not something I can do… Nor do I believe that marriage will be the pinnacle of my journey, if I do get married, I am confident it will dramatically change both of us, and God will use that to continue our journey… But, since tomorrow is not promised, I cannot wait for it to show up, I have to be faithful with the here and now.

I understand that a GREAT deal of effort has and is being put into my career and education, but I avidly said I would never go back to school when I graduated from college… four years after I made that declaration, God told me to go back to school, He and I fought about it until He won. Which leads me to believe I am in school to be obedient (only), not because I enjoy it (just ask my roomies who listen to me complain a lot..). And, I am living and working in DC because God put me here and continues to keep me here. Thankfully I am no longer loathing life in DC, and have in fact found several things that I love about my life here. The goal of being in DC is not for the purpose of being a career woman, being successful or furthering my career. I am here because two years ago when I was getting laid off, I prayed to have just one job open up… Out of 70+ applications I sent out, I had just one job open up, so I took it… Only recently am I beginning to see (possibly) what God is doing and how He is orchestrating all of these things.. But, even still, one thing I am certain of is, I am not aiming to be a career woman or to have a successful career, if those things happen then that is truly fantastic, if they do not, I will not bemoan or regret them. Ultimately I am aiming to fulfill the plans the Lord has for me, regardless of what that looks like.

So, while a husband and family would be wonderful and although a successful career would be great, neither of these things themselves are or have ever been my goal, my goal has always been to be a catalyst and change the world… I just used to think that meant doing it alongside my husband, which may someday be the case, but that day is not today. Today my aim is to serve my Savior the best that I can, and bring Him glory exactly as I am; a single daughter of His, following the career path laid before me.

One thought on “Career Woman…

  1. You are a blessing to everyone you encounter! I know I am blessed by your words and your beautiful heart 🙂 Thank you for being a catalyst! God most definitely has big plans for your life!Much love in Him, Amanda Pauko


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