Kindle App for Mac…

The Kindle App for my Macbook Pro was possibly one of the worst ideas ever… You see, I have read three books in the last week, which subsequently means two things… First, my sleep has diminished. Second, my desire to read my required reading for school has essentially disappeared. Oye!

I read Pride and Prejudice in three days, Catching Fire in two, and Mocking Jay in two days as well… I have about 10 other books I have been putting off reading, and will likely read them in the next (at this rate) few weeks.

Somehow I have never read Pride and Prejudice, although I am not entirely sure I would have cared for it in highschool given the old style language that made not much sense to me then, and I did not care for romantic stories much at all in high school. Although, I am very glad I read it now, and definitely enjoyed the story, the intricacies, and the cadence that the book had. While I cannot say I would ever personally want a “Mr. Darcy” of my own, I certainly enjoyed the relationship, and the struggle that Elizabeth went through in her journey of hating him to loving him.

I very much enjoyed Catching Fire (the second book in the Hunger Games series), although by the end I was beginning to tire of the back and forth between loving Gale and loving Peeta, however I must say it never got as tiring as Bella was towards Edward and Jacob in the Twilight series. I think this is partially because I tend to be the type of girl that once I make up my mind, it does not really change again in regards to relationships.

Mocking Jay was not my favorite, although I actually expected to dislike it way more than I actually did. It was not until a few events and decisions by the main character Katniss that I became fairly frustrated with the book. Several things I suspected came to pass, but there were several other things I was frustrated with. And, overall it was not nearly as engaging or enjoyable of a read as the first two books. Once I was done with the book I was satisfied the series was over, and unlike my usual desire I did not wish the series would continue (I will be the first to admit I tend to mourn for a bit when a series is over). I will say, she ended up with the guy I wanted her to end up with which I think helped my overall feeling of mild contentment at the ending.

Now to choose my next few books…. (this app is the worst idea ever haha…)

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