Sweet Friends…

I love my friends who are totally and completely different than me.. (especially the ones that are introverted haha) I have said it over and over again, the world does NOT need clones of me!

I love all of my friends, but the introverted ones often feel dramatically different than me, probably for so many reasons, but they tend to be the ones who have gentler spirits, more compassion, think before they speak, are shy, cautious or are much more careful about what they share with others. I think I find all of these qualities precious in them because I realize that for whatever reason they have entrusted me to be a part of their lives and with information they hold close and privately, and that trust is inherently special and treasured by me.

I enjoy the perspective of my introverted friends because the world is dramatically different than my view of it. Often times, their approach causes me to pause and think about a different world view, which could also be why most of my best friends are introverted. 😉

I love my sweet friends who have different perspectives of the world, there is just a different cadence to my relationship with them, they bring out Christ in a new and fantastic way. I love when spending time with these friends gives me a totally different view of who Christ is, could be, and will always be. Such sweet cherished moments in my busy often chaotic life.

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