Old Familiar Pains…

It has been almost two years since I have had to endure the rigorous activities, therapies, etc.. etc.. of my often shifted and out of place joints. And, while I am thankful it has been almost two years, I have also been hoping to avoid it all for quite some time still… However, I realized a couple days ago that my hips are messed up, my back is not aligned correctly, and my neck and shoulders are not exactly happy as of late. Which means, I need to find a chiropractor in the DC area to put humpty dumpty back together again. I have loved my last two chiropractors and am not exactly thrilled about looking for a new one again…

However, I am hoping this time it is a significantly reduced program to help put all my joints back together where they are supposed to be, but considering that I almost fell getting out of a car the other day due to my hip giving out and then realizing last week I could not sit still or my back and hip would lock up, realistically it will likely be another challenging recovery process. I am pretty aware of exactly how bad of shape my tendons and ligaments are right now… Should be a lovely, hopefully not painful, but likely long process to get it all straightened out once again.

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