I have been in such a rut lately.. Not the depressing kind or even the scary kind, just the blogging kind. What I always find odd about about getting in a blogging rut is that it typically means lots of things going on in my head.. and more often than not my life in general. But, it is as if my rut stems from feeling the need to write down profound things… Which let’s be honest virtually never happens haha! So, I am not entirely sure why I would feel the need to say something “inspired”…

However, since I do not have anything of major importance, I thought I would share a hodge podge of things…

I am nearing the end of Inheritance, the last book in the Eragon series… And, as always, I am slightly sad that this fantastical story is almost over! The thing that has caught me about this series, like many others, is how much I can picture the story, I can feel the emotions, and agree with the sentiments and determinations of the various situations. I am a huge fan of the strong capable women, and there is always a part of me that would like to believe if I ever found myself an elf or surrounded by dragons that I would act similarly 😉

I was texting with one of my favorites yesterday, and we were discussing what motivation and determination look like… Motivated means something along the lines of “to stimulate towards action,” and subsequently determination means “fixed towards a goal” (both of these I picked one of a few possible descriptors)… While I think motivation is more important because it means you are doing something, I also think it is less difficult than being determined; mainly because to be fixed on a goal means knowing what the goal is… I feel like as Christians the only way to accurately be fixed towards a goal is to “fix our eyes on Jesus,” and then everything else will fall into place.. Which is not to be confused with be easy, successful or clear since I am fairly certain none of those things are promised to us.

I had an interesting conversation with a new friend recently about whether “Wives submit to your husband” really means “women obey because he’s the leader” … I think I will mull this over a bit more and post on it later…

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