Blessed by Friends…

Do you ever have those moments where you are in the midst of a relatively normal moment in life, but something about it just strikes you, and you realize how totally blessed you are? I had one of those moments last night. First, let me just say that I love when God whispers in my ear that I should pause internally and take note of where I am, and how blessed I am. I love taking seemingly mundane things in life and remembering to pause and be thankful.

Last night I went to Fort Myer to watch the Twilight Tattoo the Army puts on every Wednesday throughout the summer. It was engaging, fun, and full of an amazing amount of skill and dedication to those skills. Several of my friends are in the Fife and Drum Corps band, and it was a lot of fun to finally get to see them perform.

Afterwards, we all hung out took a few pictures, then made our way to dinner.. There were a several people I had not met before, but mostly it was people who have become friends in the last six months. While we were at dinner, laughing, joke, talking about random things, eating amazing food, it hit me.. I am so blessed. I love these friends of mine as though we have been friends for years, and I am so thankful to know where their hearts are, and to have gotten the chance to grow and watch them grow throughout the course of 2012 so far.

The thing that struck me the most last night was how different we all are, but how much we laugh at each other, and how in just a few months have cultivated true friendships with the only goal to be friends and help one another. This time last year I would not have thought I would be here, with friends like these amazing people, and I never would have guessed at how different life would be because of them. They (along with several more people who were unable to be there) truly have made all the difference in my life here in DC, and I am so thankful and so blessed!

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