Fasting Sweets…

I say this about every Sunday, but I certainly feel it more often than I express it.

I. Love. My. Church.

There is just something about it, the mission, the vision, the Christ centered everything, the community, the uniqueness, everything. While not perfect because it is run by imperfect people. I love it, and the Lord speaks to me through it.

My pastor Mark Batterson has a way of connecting with the Holy Spirit, and obeying. I love it because he does it often, and he shares it with us just as often. The amount of miracles God is/has done at my church is just inspiring.

Last weekend he talked about waging war on our sinful nature, and part of that will start this summer starting on 7/14 as a church we are doing a 40 day fast. Mark has chosen to fast media saying that he feels too distracted by it, and as though it has a hold on him that it should not have. He gave us as a congregation two weeks notice so we can think, pray, and decide on what we are fasting for 40 days. I have decided to fast sweets because as much as I like to think and claim I try to be healthy, lately my self control seems to have exploded and been demolished. So, no sweets/candy/dessert/etc.. for me for 40 days, and I could not be more excited to have this encouragement behind me pushing me closer to the cross.

What makes me even happier is one of my closest friends here in DC without either of us talking felt the same pull to fast sweets. Whew! Talk about easier knowing we are on the same page with that too!

To end the 40 days of fasting on August 24th will be an all church celebration/concert of the God Anthology CD that the worship leaders/musicians put out last summer that another group has asked us to come and have a concert/worship jam session there. I am so excited, and love how much involvement my church has in the DC community!

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