Writing a Book…

I love reading. My dad loves reading… I have likely gotten the affinity for slipping away into other worlds from him, and I am thrilled about it! I simply cannot get more excited about reading a good series, especially if it is fictional, thriller, with a serious driving force being the relationships between the characters, and I absolutely love when the books are either sci-fi or close enough to reality that they might just possibly have/could happen. These facts about me are likely why I love Ted Dekker and basically all of his books, the Inheritance Series, and feel like all rainy days should entail a good window seat and book.

So, with that in mind, my dad and I have spent a decent amount of our communication over the last little while discussing a book (series) we are writing together. Well, technically we are still planning everything out and creating the characters, world, timeline, interactions, and basic facts. But, the thing I love most about it is that it is just so much fun! We have spent hours discussing little things like weapons (yeah, weapons always get my family talking for hours) or the humor that a certain character possesses.

I mean, to be totally honest, my dad and I can talk for hours about almost anything, pretty much regardless of if there is a specific purpose, but creating a fictional world together has been such a blast so far!

We have created a chart detailing the various things we need to remember about each character, situation, and crucial story plots to ensure that we do not forget or contradict ourselves… And, like any good story, the world will need saving! There will be a love story or two, some tragedy, humor, bait and switching, and a pretty intricate threat that will need to be neutralized. Should be lots of fun to read, but probably way more fun to write!

Knowing both of our schedules, it will likely be a long time until we are actually anywhere close to finished with the first book, let alone the series as a whole, but, it has been a lot of fun to just be creative for the sake of something fun to do together.

At some point, I will release the synopsis of the book/series… But, until then you will just have to….

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