The Despising Part of Change…

I have always been a people person and made friends, close friends, good friends, lots of friends everywhere I go/move/visit. I love the people in my life dearly, and once they are “in” so to speak, I really never let them entirely go. I mean granted, like all relationships distance, schedules, and stages in life cause ebs and flows, but I make a point to ensure that every interaction reinforces that no amount of time or distance changes my willingness to pick up as if no time or distance has taken place.

That being said, I kinda hate how many people I know in so many places. Everywhere I move, everywhere I travel causes pieces of me to stay behind and makes the thought of moving more challenging each time.

The thing I find so interesting about my perspective is, my desire to move, stay, travel or my anxiety about those same things has nothing really to do with the logistics, dangers, money, etc.. and everything to do with the people in my life that I love. Going somewhere new, meeting new people, making new friends, all of that is actually more exciting and exhilarating than anything. But, as I get older I realize that the more I do that, the more it means leaving someone else behind (at least for a while) because the reality is no matter who you are or how social you are, you simply cannot fit everyone into your life the same amount all the time. There are inherent ebs and flows that are neither good nor bad, they just are… And, leaving people is the one thing I dislike about change.

And, just as a note, currently there are no actual plans in the works to move, there are just always possibilities as I keep my eyes and ears open to where God is leading me next and what our next adventure will be.

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