Friends With Kids…

At this point in my life I have a lot of married friends, and many of them now have one… or more kids. It is both weird, and perfect to see my friends as parents. I joke with some of them that I am allowing them all to get married, and have kids so that I will have the best possible list of options, approaches, and will be able to spend less money because I will just barrow their stuff.

However, it is among some of my favorite things in the whole world to see my friends being AMAZING parents. I love watching them raise their children, and I always find it awesome to see when they are intentional about what they do, and how they handle their children.

Recently I went to visit a couple friends from college, and while I was not super close with them in college, I am so thankful that our relationship has grown and become a solid and mutually encouraging post-college friendship. While I was vising them, my respect for them as individuals, as a married couple, and as parents grew exponentially. The entire time I was amazed at how much everything was a team effort for them, I loved how consistent they are with their children, and there is no doubt in my mind that if I ever have children I’m likely going to be calling them for advice! Because, they have a very smart and active (almost) 4 year old, and twin one year olds.. talk about constantly going! I thought it was great how they continued their lives, and all the things they wanted to do or needed to do, and simply took all the kids with them everywhere they went. Their children have learned to adapt, fall asleep wherever, but they at such a young age have learned patience (at least as much as they can at so young)! AND, then through it all, they cook homemade meals, and find time to play games and just talk… Such amazing people that I am blessed to be friends with!

I loved the entire visit, and while it was busy and exhausting (never ever judge a tired mom or dad haha!) left me feeling so encouraged, loved, important, and it refueled my need for baby snuggles!

My friends are amazing, and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

It is both weird and awesome to see all of my friends and I “grow up”!

2 thoughts on “Friends With Kids…

  1. Eeeee this gives me warm fuzzies πŸ™‚ I'm not as eloquent as you, so don't mind my rambling :)First of all, you are so sweet to our family. On the days we are left exhausted and often frazzled, you are always there with such kind words! As much as you were a part of me getting through the babies' pregnancy, I'm so glad you have gotten to spend a little bit of time with them… and I really selfishly wish it could be more!After you left, Patrick and I were talking about that… that we wish we knew you more in college. I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to know each other the way we do (and if I'd ever catch up on my google reading, haha!) and I'm so appreciative for the love and encouragement you send our way on a daily basis. I love seeing the way God works in your life, and the roads you are taking-with such grace and faith-I know that, sometime, we'll be visiting you and your husband and playing bananagrams and messing up dip after your kiddos go to bed :DWe are so so thankful for you-and actually as I sat here typing this Maya came over to me and asked if she could talk to you (and your picture is not on the screen, so I'm not sure how she knew!)I'm sending lots of hugs up your way tonight! πŸ™‚


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