Normal With a Chance of Chaos..

I always find it interesting when life decides to take on the normal with a chance of chaos as the forecast.

Currently, I find myself in several situations that bring the possibilities of change, but no actual change yet… There are lots of possibilities on the horizons, but honestly I am in a holding pattern. There really is not a whole lot “new” but, that could dramatically change in a few weeks. And, due to the mere ideal that change could come, it brings ridiculous amounts of unintentional, unneeded, and unhelpful stress and “problem solving” mental exercises for potential situations instead of actual ones.

I have been fasting sweets/desserts for 25 days, and have spent literally that entire time praying about things changing and all the various possibilities, my feelings throughout all of it, and finally feel as though in the last couple of days I have really settled down and am content to let God do his thing.

So, life is normal with a chance of chaos.

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