Back in the Mitten…

I remember two distinct desires from when I was five:
1) I wanted to get married and have a family.
2) I wanted to change the world.

What five year old thinks that?!…

Well, at 27, I have yet to get married or start a family, so why not focus on changing the world?…

How do I even begin to explain the rabbit trails that God has been working on for so long?!.. Let alone in the last year. The entirety of this move is crazy and overwhelming, but really awesome and exciting.

I will likely post several more times talking about various aspects of the next couple months, and since I am feeling quite overwhelmed with tasks and emotions currently, I plan on just giving the basic information, and then expounding later.

To say that I am excited about all of the possibilities this job has would be an understatement.
To say that there will be challenges, and it is all a bit overwhelming at the same time would be such an understatement it is laughable.. Because, while I am excited, I am also reeling with a million things that I need to do and normal emotions that moving entails. Deciding to leave DC, my church, my friends, my community here, and moving even further away from my friends in Lynchburg has been an incredibly difficult decision, and one that anyone I talked about it with can attest to the internal struggle I had reconciling all of the feelings and emotions involved…

Yet, regardless of my internal conflict, one thing remained clear; God was in control. I knew that I was going to struggle, but I also felt a profound presence that God has been with me through it all. Sometime later, I will post a few of the ways God has orchestrated this entire thing.. It is crazy and overwhelming to see all the big and little ways in which He has shown up in the last year moving me towards this, and I feel like it should be shared.. But, not today.

So, the big questions, where and what will I be doing? I will be moving to the metro Detroit area to work for Clarkston Free Methodist Church. I will be.. for lack of a better term, a community catalyst. I will be working outside the church in the local, regional, and eventually global community to network, identify needs, create plans to help implement change, then go back and teach, train, equip, and mobilize the people in the church to fulfill those needs. And, I will work with the church to appeal to and bring back the 20-30somethings. This is a ridiculously watered down explanation, but it will help give an idea.

The answers to some common questions I have been getting:
Yes, my family is ecstatic!
No, I will not be living at my parent’s place, they live about an hour away and it would not make sense to work to build relationships in a community I don’t live in.
I will be moving sometime near the end of September, and am planning on getting an apartment near the church.

And, one of the biggest answers to the most common question I have been getting asked:
No, I still do not own a “real bed”… so I am able to deflate mine and transport it very easily! šŸ˜‰

P.S. Please note the name of this post.. Yes, it is a purposeful play on words šŸ™‚

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