Packing Disaster…

Packing is potentially one of my least favorite things; partially because I know I never do it well. I am most certainly not the most efficient and organized packer, and I really have only a system that makes sense to me.

Currently, I am attempting to be a for real packer and have a rhyme or reason to my methods… We shall see how long that lasts. I feel like usually I start out every time I pack with the determination to have a system, and then it quickly deteriorates into “eh, I’ll remember that bizarre item was put in this random box that belongs in a different room…”

I am also for the first time ever (no seriously) throwing crap away that has no business moving with me, and donating to Goodwill things that I have not used in a year or more.. and realistically have no reason to use.. Like the “maybe” broken printer that I haven’t dug out of the closet in the two years I have lived in DC.. There is NO reason to lug it to MI with me… Or the shoes that I completely wore the heels off of, and they are not even expensive enough shoes to re-heel… They need to go.

However, due to my…. attempt at a logical move, my room is driving me crazy because it is full of “piles”.. The closest one to the door is the Goodwill pile, followed closely by the gathered-from-around-the-house-that-I-need-to-remember-to-pack-cause-it’s-mine pile, then the three bins that are packed, but will likely be unpacked and re-packed with something else once I get more boxes and actually begin my plan of attack for packing… Then of course my (almost) ever present clean clothes taking up half my bed.. And a random smattering of paint supplies and empty boxes taking up the remainder of my room.

Should be a fun couple months! Oye.

2 thoughts on “Packing Disaster…

  1. For me, the goodwill pile is bittersweet. It's great because I get rid of stuff that I'm not using and give it to those who can. On the other hand, in the stress and busyness of moving … it means a trip to the goodwill.


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