Traveling Notes…

This morning (which still feels like yesterday), I packed a bag and trekked to BWI to fly home and surprise my family with a visit.

Weird since I am moving back to Michigan soon right?.. Well, you see what had happened was, almost two months ago I found a deal that was a round trip flight for $95, and at this point I had not been home since Christmas, so why not swing the little extra money to fly home?

haha, little did I know that God’s plan for this weekend was to actually apartment hunt, as well as see my family.

My flight was at 6:05 this morning, about an hour away, which meant leaving at 3:30am, subsequently I decided against taking a nap for fear that I would not wake up in time to leave… Getting to the airport was quite the aggravating trip considering I thought I was going the speed limit of 55 (ok, realistically I was going 56 or 57) and got “caught” by a flash camera, only to 1/4 of a mile down the road see a sign saying the speed limit was 40. I was really not happy and distracted by my annoyance, which made me take THREE wrong turns.. The first was missing my exit, the second two were misjudged routes to correct the problem.. Finally, I busted out the gps to save my aggravated and tired self.

Side note: I love traveling at odd hours because I can wear the most comfortable clothes (sweatpants and t-shirt), and go sans makeup, with my hair up in the most practical fashion, glasses, and no one looks at me differently.

I promptly found a couple seats at the gate that did not have arm rests between them and took a nap until it was time to load… I also love traveling at odd hours cause the planes are not anywhere close to full, which means I often can get an entire row of seats to myself to curl up in and sleep… Except for the small child who’s sleep had also been disrupted and decided to scream until after we took off. I always feel for the parents of the children who cry.. loudly. Thankfully the constant drumming of the flight lulled the small boy to sleep quickly.. As it did me as well.

I got picked up by my brother and soon to be sister-in-law, and we proceeded to laugh, take three wrong turns, get coffee, laugh some more…. frantically open windows every time my brother decided to “share” a present with us…

Oh to be home.

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