Small World…

My family has joked for years that I either know everyone or know someone who knows someone type deal, and that soon it will be the seven degrees of Krista instead of Kevin Bacon. (Ha!)

Sometimes I think they may be on to something…

Yesterday, I went to the beach to see my roomie and her boyfriend (I know, you would think we would see each other in the house we both live in.. but instead, due to our schedules, we choose to meet elsewhere). It was a great time seeing them and hanging out on the beach.. (oh the beach.. always the beach… I seriously love the ocean.)

To give some real quick background information that makes the story a little crazier… My roomie came to live with me and several other girls a year in a half ago via an online posting for Christian roommates. A couple months ago she started dating her now boyfriend who lives near the beach, and around that same time he moved in with another guy who owns the house they now both live in, although the other guy recently deployed, so he was not around for my visit.

A fairly long, pretty humorous, and much more detailed story incredibly short, my roomie’s boyfriend lives with a guy I worked with six years ago, and the only reason I realized who he was is because I saw his name printed on his Bible… And then, I was able to locate a picture of him and confirm it was the same guy.

What is even crazier is, I remember a specific moment in time six years ago praying that this guy would not be changed by the career he wanted to go (and is now) into. The reason I remember the prayer is because it was the last day of work, and as I left I remember randomly thinking about a bunch of the people I worked with, and praying small little things for each one of them. This particular guy I always thought was incredibly nice (in a good way) and kind all the time; it was clear he had a strong faith, and part of me was worried his career would change him. I know everyone grows and changes, but I did not want his faith to dwindle or his career to cause his kindness to dissipate. After I realized who the roommate was, and that I was hanging out at his place, I asked what he was like… and what an amazing and unexpected answer to prayer SIX YEARS LATER to find out that this guy is doing what he has wanted to do for years, is still following Christ, and he is still just as kind.

I love when God randomly answers my prayers… and blows my mind with how small the world can be sometimes! Weirdest small world experience ever!

For safety purposes names and specific information have been left out because I do not want to post it online due to him being deployed…

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