White Walls…

I have amazing friends.. Seriously, if you ever need to discover who your real friends are, and who cares about you.. Dislocate your hip, tear a very crucial ligament in your hip, then plan to move 650 miles away before you will heal..

Honestly, a part of me wonders if this is God’s way of saying “I will move you to MI, stop getting in my way.” Because truly, I am not allowed to move anything heavy that requires my legs or is heavy enough that I should use my legs… Which means I am perfectly capable of… almost nothing. haha. Lovely.

My friends have been amazing throughout all of this. I mean, let’s be honest, they have teased me a lot about my “handicap” because of my injury, but everything I have needed help with, one or more of my friends has stepped in to fill the void and cheerfully do it for me. I really have no idea what I have done to get such amazing friends, but I am so beyond thankful… Especially knowing that, I soon have to rely on my friends here in DC to pack me up, and then my brothers and dad in MI to unpack me. Talk about seriously humbling for this “I don’t like to ask for help” girl… However, to be total honest, despite all of my emotions and my pride having to take a back seat to allow my ridiculous injury to heal, mostly I am overwhelmed by how much others care about me enough to actually take care of me…

Perfect example, tonight a friend came over and helped me prime my bedroom. I felt horrible as she moved things around my room, cheerfully and more than willingly, but the fact that I could not move it was just frustrating… Then, she used the roller and primed my entire room while I edged. I mean honestly, we had a great time talking and laughing and sharing stories, but it is still really hard to have to be in a place of needing to ask for help.

Now, I lay in the middle of my completely disastrous room (yes on my plush air mattress… but, don’t judge me or feel bad, it’s been my bed for 4 years haha) surrounded by insane asylum white walls. Not only does my room not look like mine because everything is in utter disarray as boxes and heavy items are pushed together in the center of the room, but I have no curtains since we had to take them down to paint… and worst of all, the walls are white. WHITE. The only thing worse than white bedroom walls are beige bedroom walls (it is either insane asylum white, or beige hell). Well, actually, to be more accurate, the walls are more splotchy white since we just primed, but I painted my room a mocha brown the day I moved in, and the two places I have lived before this I painted as well.. so to be honest, my bedroom has not been white or beige in more than 3 1/2 years.

Now I find myself in my bedroom feeling like I am invading someone else’s space, such a weird feeling.

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