Nefarious Merchant of Souls…

Nefarious: “extremely wicked or villainous; iniquitous: a nefarious plot.”

Tonight I watched a movie at church titled “Nefarious Merchant of Souls” It is a documentary (the first in a three part series) about modern slavery and sex trafficking. It takes you to several places around the world and gives you a glimpse into the reasons and people causing the problem as well as a perspective from the women in each situation. The movie takes you to Moldova, Amsterdam, Thailand, Cambodia, Switzerland and Las Vegas. Each place has a culture that plays a role into the reasons behind prostitution and sex trafficking. 

From the very beginning of the movie it is clear that the whole thing will be hard hitting and a very real picture into the entire world of sex trafficking. They interview women who have gotten out, women who have gotten out only to go back to it after the interview, men who pimped out women, men who bought the women, men who own the stores in the red light district they work in, and men and women who are working against the sex trafficking around the world in different capacities. 

At the beginning I was saddened but “fine” as they were explaining methodically the various aspects of sex trafficking… Until they got to the portion talking about children in the industry in Thailand and Cambodia.. At that point I began to cry, and continued to cry as they moved through the various countries and finished in Las Vegas. Then, near the end of the movie a few of the women that have gotten out of prostitution and sex trafficking began to explain their encounter with Christ, how they almost died or what caused them to meet Him and know that He has forgiven them, He loves them unconditionally, and that they are forgiven for everything… And that they are valuable to Him. I cried for their pain, but also for their joy in meeting the one Savior who can restore it all. I cried with both pain and joy because no one should ever know their experience, but also because our God is bigger.

I appreciate that a huge part of this movement and organization is prayer, and that they are able to give lots of examples of things they have prayed for and ways God has shown up… As well as they are able to point to the women’s success rates in getting out of prostitution and sex trafficking for good because of the therapists reliance and use of prayer. 

I plan on getting the movie so I can show it to others. I also plan on looking into the organizations and movement more.. and I plan on increasing my donations to Wellspring International, and encourage you to donate to them as well. I will also look into if I want to support another organization doing great work as well…

I think the thing that still has my emotions reeling.. and grasping at straws for how to deal with is the realization that so much evil is in the world… So much pain, dispair, hopelessness, fear, and senseless hurting of others.. We were not meant to live like this or ever understand these things. My heart hurts for the little girls who believe they have no value, and for the women who have spent years in situations that are dangerous and have caused them to become jaded and hurting.
I am so thankful for the men especially that are doing things to end sex trafficking, because it is also men causing the problem, and there is just something comforting about men who stand up for what is wrong.
I am thankful for the women involved either due to them having gotten out of it themselves, or due to it being laid on their heart, because it is mothers that are putting their daughters into this lifestyle.
I am so thankful that Christ forgives, changes, restores, makes new, and never leaves us. I am even more thankful of the stories in the movie of how Christ met each person and changed their life.

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