Welcome Home…

I signed my lease yesterday and got the keys to my new place.. Complete with a fun decorated key. I am really excited about the new place, it is a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment, complete with a carport… and washer and dryer hook up.. Not to mention  a great amount of storage space, and an extended balcony facing the woods!.. I have vaulted ceilings and can paint! This place will be perfect for me and my soon to be new puppy!
However, once I got these keys, it solidified for me that I am moving. That my life in DC is wrapping up, and that my life in MI is starting. It solidified that my life will never be the same, and that it will likely blow me away to see where God and I are going, and in a year I will look back so thankful for this moment when I received my keys. 
I am excited, and yet I am sad.
If I am being honest, I kept it together long enough to set everything up with the post office for my new mailing address, made a few phone calls to wrap some things up in MI.. Sent a couple e-mails, then got on the road to make the 9 hour drive back home.. to DC, for the last time.
I cried, a lot.
A friend called and talked with me, and just listened as I cried. We talked about the reality that I know God is going to do great things, that He is leading me in an entirely new direction in my life, and that I am so blessed, but that it is ok to grieve that what I know and love is changing.
I have a week left here in DC, I have so much to do, including homework, but the reality is all I want to do is hang out with the people I love here.
Next week I will be excited about my new life, but this week I will grieve that I am leaving.

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