Never The Same…

Today, while not my official last day in DC feels like it because tomorrow will be full of packing and goodbyes.. Although, to be honest I am well into my goodbyes.

 This is the view out our front window, I spent dozens of Sundays doing homework with this view.
I am so thankful for my time here in DC. The first 10 months here were pretty craptastic, but like most things that suck, I would never ever take them back or do them differently because it changed me, moved me, molded me, and like everything difficult caused me to propel myself into my Savior’s arms.
Words just do not seem to do justice to how I am feeling about moving away from my friends and my church. I have said this numerous times, but I love National Community Church more than I have loved any church before, I consider myself blessed to have attended here for two years, and I love the people I met, the people I served with, and am so thankful for the things I learned about Jesus here.
I have made a lot of friends here and have done a lot of growing up and maturing with their assistance. While it might sound somewhat melodramatic, I do not think I have grown so much with the help of my friends as I have in the two years I have been here. A few key people really helped me, but there truly are dozens that have taught me so much about love, friendship, grace, mercy, compassion, and seeking Christ. Seriously thank the Lord for technology that helps me to stay in contact with the people I love.. 
I came to DC during one of the crappiest years I can remember, and I did not want to be here.. and found myself pretty much stuck in another terrible year.. Or most of a year really. 
Now I find myself leaving with the heaviest of hearts, yet completely full of joy and hope for what God is doing next.. These two conflicting things collide in my chest, and cause me to fight off tears of both grief and joy. Sounds ridiculous and over the top, but it is true… As much as I hate to admit to the emotions that I do not often express, and as much as I struggle to be strong and portray strong, the reality is, I know I am very weak.
Nothing will ever be the same, and as much as I do not want to admit it, that is a good and perfect thing. God has never ever ever lead me astray, and every single time life has changed and I have moved or done something crazy and different God was there, and looking back I realize how perfect it all was; this time is no different. Despite the emotions, and the difficulty I have in leaving before I feel ready, I have absolutely no doubts about this being exactly what God wants me to do… 
My life will never be the same, and despite it all, I am praising the Holy One and thanking Him for this change.
I will forever love this city and probably miss it, but it is time to say goodbye and follow Christ to MI.

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