The First Week…

So, the last week has been crazy.. truly.

A week ago today I went and got a tour of The Pentagon with a couple friends, which of course was lead by another friend. And although we had to get up crazy early to work with his schedule, it was totally worth it, and a really fun thing to do on my last day.

Then the craziness of actually packing my life up began. Still trying to be ever conscious of the torn ligament in my hip, did my best to pack and leave boxes.. but, I sort of accidentally threw a wrench in my own plans when I went to look up the truck rental information only to discover I had messed up and was supposed to pick it up a day prior… Thankfully God was on my side and even though it was the end of the month they had not given it to anyone else yet. However, I had to load my car myself, which means pulling huge ramps out and putting them back.. It was about then that my hip began to hurt… immensely.

Later in the day, a bunch of my friends came over to help me cook, load the truck, and paint my room.. I really wish I had enjoyed the entire thing more, but really I spent the first half ridiculously stressed out and trying to contain my emotions. Thankfully I had a referee helping me communicate.. However, once most everything was done, and we sat down for dinner, I finally started feeling my insides uncoil… Although, the stress and emotions might have been aided by the fact that I had not eaten all day either…

Saturday was the actual moving day, and surprisingly it went incredibly smoothly. The drive while long, was fairly easy, we had no traffic issues, no truck or car issues, and spent hours of the trip playing “would you rather…” Once we arrived at my new place in MI, there were people from my new church waiting to help unload everything.. And boy did they! They unloaded everything in under and hour, helped arrange the furniture, and even returned the truck for me!.. Seriously one of the best welcoming gifts I could have been given!.. Although, the beauty and the beast rose saw its last move..

Sunday and Monday were full of church and shopping for random things I needed for the new place, which was fun, but tiring…

Monday I had to put one of my best friends on a plane and send her back to DC.. and we cried and hugged and held each other several times.. and then, I cried most of the hour drive home. I am going to miss her like crazy, but I am so so thankful for being able to skype, text, e-mail, etc.. because it definitely makes everything so much easier!

Tuesday commenced my first actual day of work, and I spent the day in meetings for the most part just talking through where to get started and what to do. Then I spent that evening and most of the next two days painting my new office and e-mailing with and meeting up with various different people. It is such a weird feeling to have a job that does not feel like work.

Slowly I am getting things together. Last night I painted my bedroom, so it finally feels like mine. And, I found my 3×5 prayer cards for my bathroom mirror.. the amount of relief I had when I finally found them is fairly comical because now the bathroom feels like mine, complete with my normal routine of praying over specific things while I brush my teeth and wash my face. It is the little things…

Oh yeah, and somewhere in there I fit my homework.. Oye.

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