Life Lately…

So, I figured I would take a post and updated on my life lately…

 And since pictures are worth 1,000 words, I thought I’d just update with some pictures…

This amazing person helped me move across the country, and think and remember things I just couldn’t keep in my head!

 The “beauty and the beast rose” did not survive the trip back to MI.. But, 8 years, 14 moves, and three states I suppose is as long as any rose should be expected to live.

I love the people I work with, seriously they are awesome… They surprised me with a gift.. Pretty state of the art! haha

A few pictures of the new place, before I painted.

The wall on the left is now the color of the top flower on my shower curtain.. I completely accidentally picked the same colors.. Apparently subconsciously I am pretty matchy matchy.

 I love my kitchen!… Still trying to figure out if I need a microwave or not..

 I have painted a lot lately…

 This is the progression of my office…

 I am really excited about how it all turned out.. and I promise I cheated, and am not actually as good as this portrays.. I projected these onto the wall, then painted in the lines 🙂

This puppy will soon be in my arms!.. Just about a week in a half and he’s mine! He is all paid off, and details are coming together to transport him… His name is Vormund (which means guardian in German).

 I love how God sends me rainbows every time a major thing in my life is going to happen or is happening… It makes me smile.

 These lovely… weird, but amazing people are directly related to me, and now they are close enough to meet for a couple hours on a Sunday night and laugh and talk and hang out. They are “special” haha, but they make life so much better!

So, hopefully that catches you up a smidge on life lately.

One thought on “Life Lately…

  1. Thank you for sharing your life like this, Krista … it makes you feel nearer ♥Just one remark to make : There is one Rainbow in particular who is always thinking of you, watching over you, and praying for you xxx


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