Raising A Puppy…

For real, I know I only have a puppy, but having a dog by myself is difficult.. I have NO idea how single parents do it considering I am pretty confident that while similar, having a baby or child would be way more difficult…

Either way, life with a puppy has proven to be tiring, rewarding, and frustrating all at the same time!

First, I feel like I clean out his crate, clean up an accident, or wash things he’s had an accident on constantly..

But, really I spend my life at home like this:

 He is always on my lap.. regardless of what I have to get done, he wants to be on my lap, or have the ability to be on my lap… All. The. Time.

 Or I am taking him for a walk…

 Or he is following me around hoping I drop something he can eat..

 If I REALLY have something to do, sometimes I can get him to lay NEXT to me…. Sometimes..

 Other times he just stretches across my lap..

And then, there are the few times I really have homework to do, but don’t want to put him back in his crate… Then he does this:

He runs around like a crazy person getting distracted every 3 seconds by something new haha… Yup, this is my life at home.. I love this stage, and hate it all at the same time!.. Mostly I’ll be happy when he stops biting and learns to only ever go to the bathroom outside..

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