ˌrēˈɡrō/ verb/ gerund or present participle: Regrowing "to grow or be grown anew or continued growth after an injury or after having died or withered"

So Over It…

I am so over school.

Seriously, I am having the worst time motivating myself to do my homework… as in currently I have a paper to write, and instead I am blogging. Awesome.

I recognize that a large part of my aversion to school is that I have 1 week left of this class and 2 classes left until I have completed my double masters! (woohoo!!) — Which, I keep explaining to people sounds way more impressive than it actually is.

I also realize that part of my struggle with motivation is that I have been putting in a crazy number of hours at work the last few weeks, so homework just feels like added stress and like it is taking time that I would rather be putting into work… Which I guess is a good thing that despite the number of hours, I still would rather put my time into work.

On a slightly different note.. I when I took this job I was told that my work would cover me getting a Masters of Divinity.. I sorta freaked out when I was presented with this.. I mean SERIOUSLY… Who needs THREE masters degrees?!… No. One. I informed them I would not really think about it until I had completed these two degrees in May. However, I have been letting the idea ruminate in my head, and turning over all of the possible outcomes of getting an M. Div. or not.

I have narrowed it down to two basic ideas:

  • If I am going to pursue a life of ministry (which I obviously love) then an M. Div. makes complete and perfect sense.
  • However, if I am not planning on or even thinking I am going to pursue a career in ministry, it would make little to no sense to pursue another masters degree, let alone one in divinity.

These might seem like “duh” conclusions.. but, it gives me a pretty clear direction to pray… And, if I am being totally honest, I am not really sure I could pull off getting an M. Div… And, before anyone can scold me, I am being totally serious, and not selling myself short I promise. The reality is I have always had fairly easy classes to bs — hence why it is 10:30 and I am blogging instead of writing my paper. I can write and do homework for most classes easily, especially if it is even remotely close to my field of interest or career… The few classes I have truly struggled with were math related….. or I did not care two licks about, which coincidentally were the only two religion classes I had in my undergrad. But, in all of my classes I have not once had to do serious research or write extensively about things I do not already know a decent amount about.. which, if I pursued an M. Div. I would have a lot of classes I am not sure I could handle or do well in… Not to mention the time involved would be much more intensive than the classes I have had to take to get my current double masters… And, seeing how much time a few of these classes have required I am not sure how I would swing it!

Basically, I have not come to any final conclusion. I have no doubt that God will make it pretty clear one way or another how it will all work out and what He wants me to do.. Thankfully I am not feeling stressed about it, just mulling the possibilities over in my head…

I have begun to plan out how my dad could get the same degree with me!.. I think that might be the only way I survive and make it through haha… But no, seriously.

One comment on “So Over It…

  1. Nathan Magnuson
    December 13, 2012

    Isn't one of your new degrees going to be an MBA? I think if you were going to continue to work in ministry but your role would be more administrative/executive/coordinating/program/project management instead of preaching/teaching, something like an MBA could be more valuable than an MDiv. Churches are notorious for being unorganized in thought and action! I'm sure either way you'll be able to add a lot of value though


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