Adorably Sick Puppy Update…

Vormund and I went to the vet last night for  his 17 week check up, and last rounds of vaccinations.. along with a check up on a few slight issues he had a couple weeks ago.

Come to find out my cute adorable (big) puppy has been pretty sick for three weeks now! I will not go into detail cause it is gross, but he got another shot, and now has antibiotics, special food, and a pro biotic powder to put on his food.. I am completely amazed at how normal he’s been acting with how sick he’s been. I am a *little* worried that when he starts feeling better, and digestion isn’t an issue he’s going to start putting on more than 5lbs a week… and have a higher energy level. I may die. haha

Either way.. here’s a progression of his growth so far!

5 wks
3 wks
7 wks

8 1/2 wks

9 1/2 wks

10 wks

11 wks
12 wks
13 wks

14 wks
15 wks
16 wks

17 wks

 On December 20th he was 17 weeks and 50.8 lbs. He will be 4 months old on the 23rd.. I was informed that he will be 3/4 of his full weight at 8 months… and at the current conservative weight gain rate, that would put him at roughly 135lbs at 8 months old! Oh man!

And, if you notice, a good portion of the pictures he’s sitting or laying on my lap.. That is my life, but we have officially run out of space on my lap for him to fit, so he spills over onto the floor mostly now, which he’s not a fan of.

He still throws fits when he doesn’t get his way, and usually that’s when he is not allowed to bite my hand when we play, not being able to climb onto the couch with me to cuddle, and having to “be gentle” and not paw at me.

We still have occasional bathroom mishaps.. but he knows every time he does it that he’s in trouble cause he slinks around in circles as he pees.. then bolts for the door and rings the bell. lol 

Currently, he eats about 7 (measured) cups of food a day spread out between 2-3 feedings.

The commands he knows:
Good boy,
Bad dog,
Don’t bite,
Crate Time,
Bring it here,
Give it to me,
Leave it,
Back inside,
Don’t bark,
Stop it,
Get it,

The commands we’re working on:
Don’t pull,
By my side,
(Give me) Space,
Be Careful,
Drop it,
Lay down,
Man Down,
All the way to the Grass,

But of course, all of these commands he often will look at me, then decide not to listen… It’s lovely.

He is a ton of work.. and pretty expensive.. but I love having him around 🙂

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