I Don’t Like Christians…

At one point or another as Christians (or non I suppose), we deal with the fact that often times we struggle more with Christians than we do with non-Christians… We all have our theories as to why that is, some more emotional than others and some entirely logical… But, I have been thinking… Who is supposed to reach the Christians?

I have been thinking about the various responses to what Christian’s say, what they do, and how each of us tend to either respond or want to respond to those Christians.

Yet, no matter how we feel or don’t feel, each of us have a role to play. — Each of us are told to go and make disciples.

No matter your role in the body of Christ, you were told to make disciples. There is no excuse, no option, no wiggle room. It is simply: Go… In fact, there really is no room for “seasons” of ministry either. So, no matter what is going on in your life, we are told to make disciples.. Obviously this looks different every moment of your life, but we are never given the option of not making disciples.

Now, there is no doubt that this looks different for every person, but what the command also does is remove our ability to have an aversion to other Christians.


Because, you cannot make a disciple out of someone who does not believe or want to follow and learn about the same Truth you are teaching. 

So, no matter how much Christians frustrate us, and no matter how much they say or do things we dislike… or we want to slap their face off for something they have said or done, we are told by Jesus Christ to make disciples of them. It pretty much takes away our “I hate being around Christians” excuse because Jesus didn’t care how we felt about other Christians, He told us to go and love them and make them a disciple anyway.

In light of this thought, I challenge you in 2013 to refuse to make excuses for why you do not want to get involved with or hang out with or be around other Christians. Instead decide that no matter what you are going to reach out and make disciples of anyone who will allow you to… Refuse to make it about you, your feelings, and your dislike…

In 2013 choose to refuse to leave the Christians who do not understand, are misinformed, or hurting to someone else to care for. Decide it is your job to help them, love them, and disciple them.

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