Tired Change…

I am ridiculously tired right now.

I have spent the last three days directing, helping, and providing food and getting supplies for more than a dozen volunteers as we re-vamped the lobby/foyer area of my church and the sanctuary.

It. Looks. Awesome.

Seriously, I am so excited, and I am even more excited at knowing we are not finished, but that each additional thing we do is icing on the incredibly cool cake!

However, throughout it all, talk about a trying and tiring time! Thankfully the first two days went smoothly, we had lots of volunteers, laughter, and the majority of the work went smoothly… As is the case however, after working for more than 12 hours both Thursday and Friday, by Friday night me, my body, my homework, and my puppy were all suffering.

My puppy had spent two full days at this point in his crate with me home basically long enough to feed him, water him, and take him out for a potty break… needless to say he was an emotional almost 70lb wreck, and I was an exhausted and aching owner with homework to do and nothing but sleeping on my mind… It was a very poor combination that lead to multiple potty disasters Friday night and Saturday morning.

By Saturday morning I had basically not slept at all, my puppy had additional potty disasters, and I yelled, scrubbed, and held back tears… Then headed out to get supplies and start the last day of reconstruction…. Which had lots of difficulty getting things back together, directing the chaos, and figuring out how to manage the worse than terrible mood I was in. It wasn’t a pretty moment (or hours worth of moments) inside my head or heart Saturday morning.

Thankfully, everyone around me was filled with grace, and the Lord didn’t fail me in my petitions for help. We had lots of help that got everything together much earlier than I had hoped for… a friend took the pups to allow her dog to tucker him out, and I was able to see the completion of the project looking FABULOUS!

Saturday night I climbed into bed at 9pm.. fell asleep after some reading and homework at 10pm…… and promptly woke up at 1am. Heard a loud crash in the bathroom a few minutes after I woke up that scared both the pups and I (thank you suction cup holding up the razor), so I decided to take the pups out for a potty break….. which also included a potty disaster on the way to the door. — Seriously, I might not survive this stage. Then I fell asleep about 45 minutes later..

Words simply cannot express how thankful I am that the majority of the response to the changes were positive, and those that disliked it kept it to themselves that I am aware of. Afterwards the pups and I packed up and headed to my parents house so he could get worn out even more, and I could get some time with my family…

Now, Sunday evening, after putting in upwards of 50 hours of work in 4 days, my entire body hurts and is sore, and my mind is swimming with fog. So, I wrap up my “weekend” with a cup of sleepytime tea, frozen berries, homework, facebook, blogs, and then some reading before I pass out…

Change is tiring!

3 thoughts on “Tired Change…

  1. Krista -Blaise here. Just a quick note of encouragement. Way to go on the changes! Thanks for your hard work and dedication! Praying for both outward and inward changes for our flock.


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